Monday, 28 September 2009


We feel we’ve caused enough chaos in England and think you need a well deserved rest (at least a year) to recover physically and mentally... our choice to travel was a selfless act...

We decided that the best way to record such mass destruction is to enter the world of ‘blogging’ ergh... cringe! BUT we aim not to be too annoying with facebook status' of "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, READ OUR BLOG, OUR LIVES ARE BETTER THAN YOURS!!" This blog is going to be more like ‘The Girl with a One Track Mind’, only less self fisting & lube rubbing..... that’s for the video blog users only ;)

The majority of you think (wish/pray) we wont return on the grounds of:

  1. We will both develop meth addictions (40% chance)

  2. We will die of accidental causes such as jumping off a cliff because shrooms said we could fly (10% chance)

  3. Find rich, old, ugly men and marry them in Vegas (5% chance)

  4. Get dragged into the sex trade...... willingly (30% chance)

  5. End up in jail somewhere in the world (15% chance)

Regardless of such endings, they are risks we are willing to take; we need a break from emotionally stunted, boring, British men; we need some bloody sun.!! And most of all we need an excuse to not have to grow up! Plus, you never know, we may even learn something or even become cultured!

First stop HONG KONG!!!

Average male height: 5 ft 6 "
Average erect penis: 3.5 "

desperate times desperate measures....


  1. After seeing that picture i feel ready to wish you on your way. Good luck with the lipstick cocks xxx

  2. Good luck girls. Make sure u sell ur bodies so u can afford to buy me a present, mayb a cock lolly haha. be safe xxx

  3. that wudnbt even touch the sides, ive eaten twigglets bigger than that!

  4. Not gonna comment on the cock - I reckong it speaks for itself (in squeaky canto).

    Great night tonight....Really good to meet you both.

    You may have suddenly realised like me that im in possession of items of your intimate apparel (though dissapointed to note that the local canto porn was not amongst it) sorry abouth that, not normally in the habit of nicking girls clothes - so drop me a text and I can arrange to meet up and get the errr wet things back to you...

    My mobile +852 6202 5777


  5. Hey got your message re posting. No worries, just email an address to and I'll send it on.

    Have a great trip and if you find yourself looking for somewhere nice to stay if you ever come through HK again then you're always welcome.


  6. Asian men all the way! You silly English slags give the rest of us women a bad name!

  7. so what if asians have a smaller penis. ours is harder not like most white/black guys with their schongs. besides, big brain counts most. who is winning there? haha

    Singapore guy

  8. Yea Singapore guy, you guys surely win the brain department. Thats why your country is a 3rd world hell hole right?


  10. Last time I checked Sinpagore was not a third world hell hole.