Saturday, 13 February 2010


We migrated to the Sunshine coast to be met by the sea, civilisation and kindly welcomed in to our friend Ash’s home. It was challenging to adjust to using a toilet again (not a shower) and eat food that wasn’t deep fat fried. More than anything, we were gagging like stallions to get out and see what the sunshine coast had to offer.

We applied an extra thick layer of make-up to increase pulling power, preparing ourselves and our two partners in crime, Danika and Ash, for a mischievous evening. After a heavy pre-drinking session at Danika’s we teetered our way over to a club. To our dismay people were just standing around talking and drinking. We wondered why people weren’t fighting, necking and vomiting in corners. It was all too sophisticated following the social deprivation we had just experienced at the carnival.

Walking over to the stage where the band was packing up after their set we found a box. Instinctively we opened it and stole a microphone head....moments later we acquired a highlighter pen and a battery. Combining them and throwing a camera into the mix we became ‘BBC 3 GENIE’famous presenters Annie and Krystyna from the United Kingdom interviewing Native Australians on a Friday night on what they loved about Australia.

As a test to show there patriotism they had to place the battery end onto their tongues (don’t try this at home) – it was a simple concept. Men were grappling for the ‘microphone’ –  excitement spread like wildfire; brawls were developing as we chose only a select few to interview in front of the camera. FINALY the dream of men flinging themselves onto us was turning into a reality!

There was only one arse hole – he was Canadian (obviously) we feel you will be amused by his reaction. 
‘BBC 3 GENIE’ concluded Australian men are all in fact gullible masochists.

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