Saturday, 2 January 2010

Get Down

It was always going to take a lot of beating after an insane 2009 new year – ‘2manydjs’ never made it to Custard Factory but we weren’t to know thanks to being shit faced and surround by the world’s greatest company (you know who you are!) But last minute plans meant 2010 was greeted by a crazy pre-drinks in a swanky Brisbane hotel with two equally insane Ozzy girls followed by the one and only 'JACK BEATS'. JACK fuck me BEATS for only $19 (£10) because the majority of Australians wouldn’t know good music if it shat in their coffee.

We remained at the front for the entire two hour set sweating like race horses. They dropped all the massive tunes – it felt like home all over again. After a breather, pretending we had aboriginal husbands to ransoms on the smoking terrace, we came face to face with JACK FUCK ME BEATS.


 And yes, they sooooo wanted to take us back to their hotel room and who’s to know if we actually did?!?

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