Wednesday, 23 December 2009

“When in Rome”

We were salivating like Pavlov dogs with the prospect of sharing a room with 7 boys in Byron Bay but in reality it smelt of congealed spunk, BO and damp running shoes.

A dear friend of ours, Knut, introduced us to Norwegian customs ‘Snooze.’ Tobacco balls that you insert under your lip against your gum with supposed effects of making you feel dizzy... BUT in reality it only makes you look like you’re growing a turd tumour on your face.

Meanwhile Knut is staggering around in the background repeatedly saying “don’t you feel dizzy?”...

  “Eeerm no”.. .We had to sex up the experience by approaching people round the hostel telling them we were eating their shit we scooped out the toilet.

This amused us immensely and also prompted K to pick up a guitar boasting that when she played people cried from an overload of emotion. Plucking the strings, singing some out of tune bullshit whilst holding the guitar upside down meant people really were crying...

After an eventful pre-drinks, a crew of drunken Europeans left the hostel for the escapades to continue into the night. Being poor we chose to take our goon with us, fuck buying some watered down sugary overpriced bullshit drink in a bullshit club with ugly bullshit Djs . In an indiscreet fashion the goon came out to play - these are the last 2 snaps taken before a bouncer gapped K’s arm and escorted us off the premises.

Snap 1: goon on head (not obvious at all)                                     Snap 2: goon being openly consumed

Within five days we had been removed or refused entry form all drinking holes in Bryon. And yes, we pride ourselves on this!

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  1. Scott says """you both laugh like retards, when will you post a blog about me n how i get hard looking into your eyes""" ps. when can i skull fuck you? pps. i cut myself to feel when your not here