Thursday, 12 November 2009

Not you’re normal Sunday

It planned to be your average Sunday – a laze on a beach, maybe a few cocktails and then some beauty sleep before another loooong flight inevitably resulting in an overdose of sleeping pills and red wine.

Only plans changed once we sniffed out some potential English shlong, not that we had missed it all that much…

We got chatting to a chappie that had been living in Hong Kong for 5 years and his advice was golden. After only a few minutes he cleverly sussed out what kind of girls we were and therefore invited us to join him to a ‘velvet curtain’ (strip) club. In Hong Kong the line between a strip joint and brothel is VERY fuzzy.

We were soon persuaded by a madam to walk through her clubs curtains. The inside reminds us of Wilkinson’s during Christmas – lots of plastic green trees and tasteless red lights. Plus a few scantily dressed philipino girls drinking shots of “vodka” which we soon sussed out was water.. For a measly $115 Hong Kong dollar “”vodka”” shot (around £11) we got Pilipino chat, tits, arse and a filthy dance but when is that ever enough?

So we joined them on their poles – not so gracefully, our oversized British boobs flying around stage like bulls in a china shop (don’t worry we managed to stay dressed!)

K getting on DOWN

Physically forced some Air head Americans to buy the other girls “”vodka”” shots to get the rest of the girls up on stage and naked.

BUT as much fun as it was, Pilipino muff was NOT the reason for going to Hong Kong and we didn’t think our English chappie could handle the both of us…

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  1. English boobs flying everywhere heheheee, funny!