Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Rise of the Street Cotch

THS is Street Cotch!

Hundreds of women and the occasional puff gathering on the walk ways and pavements around exchange square in Hong Kong during the weekend. They sit on or in cardboard boxes eating homemade food, passing as purified animal genitals. They bitch on the phone, nap, play cards, people watch and swear at white lesbian looking couples who won’t stop taking photos.

Think about how much money we flitter away gathering in Starbucks or bars? Their weekend costs equate to almost nothing....

We want you to bring the Street Cotch to England. Grab a cardboard box and set camp, an umbrella would be advised - we’re thinking outside Topshop on Oxford Street or for a more authentic Street Cotch experience pick a pavement in China Town. If you get arrested or mistaken as a tramp then we do apologise in advance!

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